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Shoes, feet and all things sweet!

This resource unpacks the role of feet in the Bible, as well as engaging young people in the challenge of having feet damaged by leprosy. The sessions provide material for both the 4-7 and a 7+ age groups.

To download the material, visit our FUN page!

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Teaching resources for schools and church groups

Thanks for dropping by our dedicated website for church and school resources. These easy-to-use packs will provide fun, interactive and educational sessions for your classroom, youth group and kids' club.
Watch our 2min video (above) all about putting the fun back into feet. Perfect for an assembly, lesson or youth group session!

Why 'No Pain, No Gain'?

Although not feeling physical pain may sound like an attractive prospect, pain is essential to our lives. Without the warning signal of pain, a person with leprosy is incredibly vulnerable physically, emotionally and socially.

When leprosy is left untreated leprosy damages a person's nerve endings leading to insensitivity to pain. Being unable to feel pain leads to the development of wounds and infection.

These wounds can lead to disability, the loss of the use of hands, or feet, or facial disfigurement. Disability caused by leprosy often sparks stigma and fear.

The Leprosy Mission exists to change this by curing, caring for and restoring people affected by leprosy.