How you can help The Leprosy Mission change the lives of children like Aboubacar and Arati

Your support can change lives

Every penny your church group, class or school raises will be put to good use!

£5 can buy a pair of glasses to protect eyes from infection
£10 can buy a pair of protective sandals (£20 = 2 pairs)
£50 can buy school supplies and school uniform for one young person
£200 can cure, care for and restore one leprosy-affected person
£1,000 can cure, care for and restore five leprosy-affected people

Raise funds

One great way to support The Leprosy Mission is to raise money. It's also a great team building opportunity, and a fun way to create memories!

We would love for every school in Northern Ireland to help change the life of someone like Arati or Aboubacar.

£200 can cure, care for and restore one leprosy-affected person. Could you and your school commit to aiming to raise £200?

Fundraising ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Wear odd shoes for a day – the stranger the combination the better!
  • Run 100m wearing wellies filled with water, or baked beans!
  • Have a paint your friend's hands or feet event
  • Have a paint your own face event (without using a mirror!)
  • Draw round your hand and write a chore that you could do for family or friends on the thumb and each finger
They can ask friends and family to sponsor them or they could pay an agreed 'fee' to take part, such as a few pounds.

Raise Awareness

Not many people realise that leprosy still affects so many people around the world. Encourage the children to tell their parents, siblings and friends what they've learnt about leprosy.

They could share what they've learnt about pain being an essential warning system to protect our bodies from harm. And how hard it might be to live without it.


  • Tell your school or year group about Arati or Aboubacar during an assembly.
  • Ask your group or class to get into pairs and make a poster to explain what leprosy is and how challenging life might be if you can't feel pain
  • Ask everyone in your group or class to think of someone they know who is often on their own, feels lonely or has few friends to play with. Could they invite them round to their house? Could they make an effort to speak to them and get to know them? Could they play with them in the playground? Get them to write down their ideas and when you will do them.

Proverbs 31:8

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."

The Bible encourages us to speak up against injustice. Life can be very unjust for people who are diagnosed with leprosy. We should use our voices to make other people aware of this; if more people know about it, the more likely it is that lives will be changed!


Under 11s
  • Give the children a piece of A4 paper each. Get them to draw round either their hand or a foot. Then, on their hand or foot, get them to write a short prayer relating to what they've learned today. You could display all the prayers in your church or hall
  • Make prayer chains. Cut up several strips of paper, enough for at least one per child. Ask your group to write prayers on the paper strips. Use these to decorate your church or hall

Over 11s

  • Download and print off TLM 'prayer stations'. These include words and images relating to the session that can be used to encourage the young people to pray. Give each young person a pen and ask them to walk round the room and write a prayer or even one word, relating to the words and images, on the print outs.

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