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Here you'll find easy-to-use resources that bring stories of Jesus to life and demonstrate how Christians are still following Jesus' example of caring for the lonely and the outcast. These resources will also enable pupils to learn about respect and responsibility, and to reflect on their role in the wider community and as global citizens.

Watch our video 'Putting the Fun Back Into Feet' (below) and consider showing it in your lesson or assembly to encourage pupils to get involved and make a difference.

The lesson plans are geared towards RE lessons but would also fit well with topics in Personal Development and Mutual Understanding, and Local and Global Citizenship.

Before using the resources we would suggest reading the background information about leprosy and The Leprosy Mission.

Shoes, feet and all things sweet!

Feet are often something functional, that we cover up, or dress up. This video and Assembly Resource celebrates both feet and shoes, as well as challenging pupils to use their feet to make a real difference in the world.

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